The Prospect Farm is a leader in the student counseling and marketing industry.  Our main goal is to put our  athletes and their families in the best position possible to get the best available scholarship to attend a College or University.  There are millions of athletes playing High School sports in the United States, and according to recent statistics, about 2 percent of these athletes are awarded athletic scholarships to compete at the collegiate level.   These are pretty rough numbers to compete against, but that is exactly why every athlete must take charge and take control of their future to gain as much exposure as possible.  Most athletes simply wait too long to get discovered and  recruited by a college scout, and in the process, they miss  out on the one in a lifetime opportunity to become a college student-athlete.  

TPF has great relationships and works together with hundreds of schools from all NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA levels.  The information we provide to Colleges and Universities is free to them.  This allows schools the have the ability to review  our athletes' profiles, not just those who have the resources to buy expensive lists or have access to other subscription based services. 

Different from many other services  that are run just by business men, or people without the actual experience, TPF is run by successful and highly accomplished college athletes and current professional athletes that personally experienced every phase of the recruiting process.  TPF works with numerous scouts all over the United States and other countries with the required knowledge to evaluate and assist our athletes with their needs.

TPF can and will ensure that every athlete will get the best exposure possible, that they will be seen by hundreds of coaches around the country, and that at the end of the day, they will find themselves in the best possible scenario to get the athletic scholarship they always deserved.